FLAG Zushi accommodation in Zushi boasts a high repeat rate.

It is a facility that has earned a lot of track record and great trust

We operate FLAG Zushi, a reputable accommodation facility in Zushi. It boasts a high repeat rate and is well received by many people. It is also a 2-minute walk from JR Zushi Station, and there are popular spots such as the Zushi Beach and Zushi Marina nearby.
It is a popular accommodation facility with a proven track record, such as being used by many guests. This is the best accommodation for families and friends. We are also making every effort to create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. This is a highly trusted accommodation facility, so if you would like to stay in Kanagawa Prefecture, please use it.


If you are looking for accommodation in Zushi, go to FLAG Zushi

This accommodation is available on foot from Zushi Station


Popular accommodation highly rated by many customers

It has been well received by many people for reviews.

  • Fashionable furniture with a sense of unity!


    From the customer who used the c room

    "Thank you! It was very beautiful, the furniture was unified, and the futon was fluffy! It was close to the station, so I knew immediately. Because it was near the station, I could hear the vibration of the train and the voice near my house. There was also a slight scent of detergent, so I don't recommend it because I think people who are sensitive may be worried about it, but it wasn't long and I enjoyed it very much because of the excitement of the room! "

    ★★★★★ I got it!

  • Room B for 2 people


    The location was very good, and the host was a person who could easily take communication.

    It was very polite from the time of check-in reception and I was very grateful. In addition, it was comfortable because it was easy to communicate during my stay and when I checked out. Thank you very much.

  • Room A for 4 people


    A short walk from the station. It was a very clean house! What was better than I expected was that the bed room was divided into two and it was wider than I expected! Everyone could play YouTube on the screen or go to the sea. It was a nice change to take a walk and go to a nearby cafe in the morning!


Information on how to access accommodation in Choshi


Name of facility

Luna House Choshi Kamakura

Street address

1-3-26 Yamane, Choshi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

phone number
Telephone reception hours


Regular holiday


Nearby parking lot

Coin parking is available 1 minute walk from the facility

Times Isogo Station

Hokuto parking lot


The facilities that are highly appreciated by customers who stay overnight around Choshi are close to Choshi Station and the Choshi Coast, and are easily accessible by train or car. It is a spacious room equipped with furniture and home appliances, so there are many customers who use it repeatedly if it is easy for families to use. Detailed access information is available, so please use it.

About us

This is an accommodation facility boasting a high repeat rate in Zushi

A company with a proven track record of operating reputable accommodations in Zushi

Unlike hotels and ryokan, it is a facility where you can stay while eating your own lifestyle and home cooking (C room for 2 people does not have kitchen facilities). It is a popular property that is rated as clean, clean, and stylish. We make every effort to create a good atmosphere for our guests. As a result, the hotel has grown to a place where many achievements and deep trust can be obtained. Many customers who have used the service once again have a high repeat rate. Photos of the inn are posted in the gallery, so if you are interested, please take a look.
We offer units with free Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can enjoy the Internet comfortably. In addition, since it is a facility equipped with furniture and home appliances such as air conditioners, flat-screen TVs and sofas, unlike hotels and inns, you can relax in a large room as if you are at home. Check-in is open until 22:00 and late at night, but please inform the property of your expected arrival time in advance. The staff also speaks English and Spanish in addition to Japanese, so foreigners can use it with confidence. If you are looking for accommodation in Kanagawa, please use it.

We have a good atmosphere facility so that you can stay with peace of mind in Zushi

This is an accommodation hotel within walking distance of Zushi Station. There are several stations nearby, 56 km from the nearest airport, and public parking with no prior reservation required. In addition, since parking is nearby, you can do sightseeing with your own car and rent a car easily. A map of the surrounding area and access methods are posted, so please refer to it when using the inn. Check-in is open until late at night, so you can use it without any hassle.
The furnished accommodation in Zushi offers units with free Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can use the Internet comfortably. There is also a kitchen equipped with microwave, refrigerator and stove. For this reason, you can buy ingredients at nearby supermarkets and cook with your own hands. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy the trip, such as sightseeing in the daytime and homemade cooking at night (the C room for 2 people does not have kitchen facilities). If you are thinking about using accommodation in Kanagawa, please let us know.