Introducing access information to facilities that are convenient for transportation regardless of transportation method

The facilities that are well-received as accommodations for sightseeing in the Zushi area are characterized by the fact that there are many customers who repeat their families. It has two types of units in a detached house located in a residential area near Zushi Station, so you can use it like a villa. One stop by train to the shrines and temples and popular areas with many historical sites, but there is also a public road near the prefectural road, making it convenient for traveling by car. If you drive, you can efficiently go around the popular spots in the Shonan area, which is wide both on the coast and on the mountain side, so it is recommended for traveling with plenty of time.
There is also a fully equipped unit on the ground floor where you can travel with an elderly family with a lot of luggage and inconvenience under the feet (with several steps to the entrance). A wide variety of guests are using the service regardless of their members, age group, or purpose of travel. In addition, we have introduced detailed access to facilities where we are proud of the high repeat rate, which has received many requests for use, so please take a look.

Many facilities are used by families for overnight stays in Choshi sightseeing


Name of facility

Luna House Choshi Kamakura

Street address

1-3-26 Yamane, Choshi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

phone number
Telephone reception hours


Regular holiday


Nearby parking lot

Coin parking is available 1 minute walk from the facility

Times Isogo Station

Hokuto parking lot


The facilities that are highly appreciated by customers who stay overnight around Choshi are close to Choshi Station and the Choshi Coast, and are easily accessible by train or car. It is a spacious room equipped with furniture and home appliances, so there are many customers who use it repeatedly if it is easy for families to use. Detailed access information is available, so please use it.

A proven facility with many repeaters that can be used with peace of mind

Access to facilities that are popular with families near Zushi Beach

This is an accommodation hotel within walking distance of Zushi Station. There are several stations nearby, 56 km from the nearest airport, and public parking with no prior reservation required. In addition, since parking is nearby, you can do sightseeing with your own car and rent a car easily. A map of the surrounding area and access methods are posted, so please refer to it when using the inn. Check-in is open until late at night, so you can use it without any hassle.
The furnished accommodation in Zushi offers units with free Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can use the Internet comfortably. There is also a kitchen equipped with microwave, refrigerator and stove. For this reason, you can buy ingredients at nearby supermarkets and cook with your own hands. It is possible to enjoy sightseeing in the daytime and leisurely rest in the evening with home-cooked dishes. (There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for 2 people)

If you are thinking about using accommodation in Kanagawa, please let us know.

The facilities that are popular among families who want to stay in Zushi are particularly popular among the popular Shonan area, which has many attractive spots on both the mountain side and the sea side, especially for sea bathing, wind surfing and fireworks viewing. It is located near the Zushi coast. It is a well-located location that is well-accessed to both those who enjoy the leisure of the sea and those who want to explore historic sites and shrines and temples, and have received high praise regardless of the means of transportation and purpose of use.
In addition, since it is an accommodation style facility where a detached house built in the residential area of the station Chika is divided into two, large and small, we value the cozy atmosphere of visiting a new villa without entering family, couples and friends. Each unit is fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, and has been soundproofed so other customers do not mind. In addition, we also accept use of both units, so there are repeaters who can rent the entire building in groups of up to 10 people. The washing machine is well-received by those who enjoy the leisure of the sea, traveling with small children, and staying for a long period of time. Wi-Fi is also convenient for searching for work and sightseeing spots during the stay (2 people) There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for guests.)

FLAG Zushi is a well-established accommodation, so please use it with confidence.