Popular with guests staying on a family trip to Kamakura

Accommodations near the station next to Kamakura are easily accessible by train or car, so there is a feature that many families and large numbers of customers use it frequently. Facilities that can be used as a group by dividing one house into two units are operating in accommodation styles with bathrooms and kitchens in each unit, so it is popular that you can relax like a home without entering water You. A new room with a loft bed for 2 people will be opened between the station.

We are preparing a set of Wi-Fi, bath amenities, kitchen utensils, etc. Please use it without hesitation. (Double rooms do not have kitchen facilities)

Features of FLAG Zushi

It is a facility with furniture and home appliances in Kamakura where you can stay without family water

In the Shonan area, where ocean activities are also very popular, this is an accommodation located near the JR Zushi Station, near the beach that opens quickly and the Zushi Coast, where there are many customers who want to windsurf. The furnished and home-equipped facilities are equipped with a clean kitchen set with kitchen utensils and a bathroom equipped with amenities in each unit, so you can stay without worrying about other customers and getting in without water It has been well received. (There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the room with loft bed for 2 people)
In addition, the facility is fully equipped with a washing machine that is highly valued by customers who enjoy the leisure of the sea, and Wi-Fi that is essential for those who are working during work. Facilities that allow you to enjoy the Shonan area not only for your purpose and members, but also for any period of stay, can be used smoothly by making a reservation in advance by telephone or on the website. We also have requests and questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accommodation with good access to Kamakura has many repeaters

This facility is equipped with two types of units in one house located in a residential area near Zushi Station. In the Shonan area, where the leisure of the sea is also very popular, it is close to the beach, which opens early especially, and the Zushi Beach, which is crowded with customers who enjoy windsurfing, so you can enjoy the Kanto sea. In addition, shrines and temples visited by domestic and foreign customers and popular sightseeing spots with many historical sites are very close to one station, so there are many repeaters for sightseeing purposes.
It is a station close to the prefectural road where there is a public parking lot that does not need to be reserved in advance, so you can stay with confidence not only by train but also by car. There is also a room on the ground floor with all of the units (three steps to the entrance), which can be used by small children like buggies and those with disabilities.

We have introduced a number of word-of-mouth reviews from our guests for our well-established lodging, but we also accept questions from the telephone and the Internet. Please feel free to contact us.

Kamakura accommodation has 2 bedrooms for 10 people

Unlike hotels and inns, it is an inn with furniture and appliances. The units are equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TV and private bathroom. Also microwave and refrigerator. The kitchen is equipped with stoves and other facilities, so you can purchase and cook foods at a nearby supermarket. You can rest your body in a stylish and clean private house while eating familiar food at a destination you can not get away with. (Rooms with loft beds for 2 people do not have kitchen facilities)
After resting your body, we recommend visiting nearby sightseeing spots. Nearest spots include Zushi Beach, Hase-dera Temple, Senrai Benzaiten, Yokohama Marine Tower. There is a public parking near the hotel that does not require advance reservation, so you can do sightseeing with your own car or rent a car.

If you are looking for accommodation in Kanagawa, take advantage of Zushi's accommodation-FLAG Zushi.

A gallery of accommodations that can be accommodated by a large number of people in Kamakura

Accommodations that are open in Zushi are popular facilities that are used by many people.

Photos of the interior of the facility, furniture and home appliances are posted in the gallery. If you are planning to use it, please take a look at it because it will be a reference for the interior and atmosphere of the room. This is a hotel that has received many comments such as cleanliness, fashionability, and beauty.

We make every effort to make the hotel a good atmosphere so that our customers can enjoy their comfort.
As a result, the company has grown to a large number of achievements and deep trust. It is also a hotel that boasts a high repeat rate, such as those who have used it once.

This is a well-accessed property with a train station and public parking nearby.

If you are thinking about sightseeing in Kanagawa, please feel free to contact us because it is a hotel where you can spend comfortably.


Accommodation in Choshi boasts a high repeat rate

It is a facility with many achievements and great trust.

We operate a reputable accommodation in Choshi. Boasts a high repeat rate and is well received by many people. It is 56km from Haneda Airport and there are several stations within walking distance. There are also popular spots such as Choshi Beach and Yokohama Marine Tower nearby.
It is a popular accommodation with many achievements such as being used by many customers. This facility can be used by a large number of families. In addition, we are striving to create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. This is a trustworthy hotel, so if you want to stay in Kanagawa, please use it.