We have highly rated accommodations in Zushi that are highly rated by review.

Popular Zushi accommodation-FLAG Zushi- offers units with free Wi-Fi, and Zushi Beach is nearby. There is a station, public parking and tourist facilities nearby. It is a popular accommodation with a high repeat rate.
This is a well-established facility that has earned the trust of many customers and is ideal for families. It comes with furniture and appliances, so you can eat home-cooked meals while staying at your home, so please use it. (There is no washing machine or kitchen facilities in room C for 2 people)

It is a reputable company that operates accommodation facilities with furniture and home appliances in Zushi.

FLAG Zushi-a popular lodging facility in Zushi is an inn with a well-equipped kitchen such as a microwave oven, refrigerator and stove. We operate an accommodation facility where you can spend time with your family. Unlike inns and hotels, it has kitchens and house facilities, so you can relax in your own way. (There is no washing machine or kitchen facilities in room C for 2 people)
There is also free Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy the internet comfortably. This facility is ideal for families. Please note that all rooms are non-smoking and pets are not allowed. We are making every effort to maintain a clean atmosphere so that the inn has a good atmosphere. As a result, this inn has been well-received because of its cleanliness even in word of mouth. If you are thinking of using accommodation facilities in Kanagawa, please contact us.

Zushi furnished accommodation is available on foot from Zushi Station

We operate accommodation facilities in Zushi. It is located within walking distance from Zushi Station, and there are several stations nearby. The nearest airport is Haneda Airport, which is 56 km away. There is a public parking nearby, so you can use the car without any problems. We operate the inn at a graveyard with excellent access, including multiple access methods.
A map of the surrounding area and access methods are posted, so please refer to it when using. Because it is a hotel with furniture and home appliances, it is ideal as a base for sightseeing. In addition, there are tourist attractions such as Zushi Beach, Zushi Marina, Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine, and Daibutsu near the inn. It has been well received by many people as word of mouth as a stylish inn with cleanliness, so you can use it with confidence. If you are thinking about sightseeing in Kanagawa, please contact us.

Zushi accommodations are perfect for families

Unlike hotels and inns, it is an inn with furniture and appliances. The unit has air conditioning, flat-screen TV and private bathroom. In addition, the kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave oven, refrigerator, stove, etc., so you can purchase ingredients at a nearby supermarket and cook. You can rest your body in a fashionable and clean private house while eating the food you are accustomed to eating at an unfamiliar destination. (There is no washing machine or kitchen facilities in room C for 2 people)
After a good rest, we recommend visiting the nearby sightseeing spots. The nearest spots are Zushi Beach, Hasedera Temple, Senarai Benten, Yokohama Marine Tower, etc. There is a public parking lot near the inn that does not require advance reservations, so you can enjoy sightseeing with your car or with a rental car. If you are looking for accommodations in Kanagawa, then we recommend staying in Zushi.

This is a gallery of suitable accommodations for families in Zushi.

The accommodation facilities operated in Zushi are popular facilities that are used by many people. The interior of the facility, and pictures of furniture and home appliances are posted in the gallery. Those who are thinking of using it will be a reference to know the interior and atmosphere of the room, so please take a look. It is an inn that receives a lot of comments such as cleanliness, fashionability, and cleanliness. We make every effort to make the inn with a good atmosphere so that the guests who use it can have a comfortable time.
As a result, we have grown to a large number of achievements and a great deal of trust. It is also an inn boasting a high repeat rate, such as those who once used it again. This is a well-accessible property with a station and public parking nearby. If you are thinking of sightseeing in Kanagawa, this is an inn where you can spend a comfortable time so please contact us.

This is a blog of a company that operates a reputable accommodation facility in Zushi.

This is a blog of a company that operates accommodation facilities in Zushi City. We have posted information for customers on our blog, so if you are interested or are thinking of using the accommodation, please check it out. The accommodation is ideal for families and friends. We have a loft bed room for 2 people (room C), a 1-bedroom house for up to 2 adults (room B), and a 1-bedroom house for up to 4 adults (room A).
Not only air conditioner and flat-screen TV but also drum dryer and washing machine are available (C room for 2 people does not have washing machine). The private bathroom includes a bidet, hairdryer and free toiletries. Unlike inns and hotels, it is a facility that functions as a private house, so you can relax and relax. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this inn, where you can enjoy sightseeing during the day and relax while enjoying home cooking at night. (C room for 2 people does not have kitchen facilities)