Introducing the reputation of accommodations around Choshi

We have introduced the reputation of our customers at facilities with many repeaters for overnight staying in Choshi. This is a facility that operates in a style of accommodation with furniture and home appliances, so there are many cases that are especially suitable for traveling without family water, and it has been well received by customers with children. Also, there is a JR line station nearby and a public parking lot, so it is a good access facility, so if you have lots of luggage with your children, travel with an elderly family, or want to enjoy a long trip out of the facility You can use it without hesitation. Please refer to the reputation of the facility.

The accommodation is open in a good location where you can enjoy the Shonan area, centering on Choshi.

The facility close to the popular Choshi Coast, mainly for summer events such as windsurfing, swimming, and fireworks, has a public parking lot in the vicinity and is conveniently located near the JR Choshi Station on the JR Line. It's convenient for sightseeing to famous spots, and enjoying the coastal area of Shonan.
Each of the two types of units is equipped with a separate kitchen and bathroom, and a washing machine is also available. We are Together, both units can accommodate up to 10 people, making it perfect for use in 2 households or large groups. In addition, there are units that are complete on the first floor, so there is no need to worry if you are traveling with a disabled person or a small child. Stay in a well-proven facility with many repeaters and enjoy the charming Shonan area.

Accommodations in Kashiwakura next to Isogo have a reputation for repeaters

The facility is located in a residential area near Choshi Station, one station from the popular area with many historic sites and shrines and temples. Because it is just a short distance from the prefectural road, it is said that it is easy to go sightseeing by car or train. A facility that has been well received by many customers for its cleanliness and style has the advantage of being used as a repeater.
The small house is divided into 2 units, so you can fully enjoy the Shonan area with your family and group. The staff is available in English and Spanish, so customers from overseas who have increased especially in recent years can use it with peace of mind. The spacious living and dining room that is perfect for customers who want to rent two types of units and enjoy them with a large number of people is also popular, but since each unit has already been soundproofed, there is no need to worry about noise. Please do not hesitate to contact us in advance by telephone or website.

Accommodation of Zushi is perfect for stay of families with a furniture consumer electronics

The facilities that are blessed with many repeaters as accommodations around Choshi operate in accommodation style with furniture and home appliances. The house in the residential area near JR Choshi Station on the JR Line is divided into two types of units, so you can relax as if you were at home. Please use the theory of peace of mind even when traveling with a small family.
In addition, kitchens and bathrooms in each unit are equipped with amenities and kitchen utensils, so you can easily use them with minimal luggage. In addition, Wi-Fi and washing machines are also available, so customers who enjoy working in the Shonan sea, staying for a long period of time, using a work with increased opportunities to listen to work style reforms, etc. It is perfect to stay. In order to make your stay smoother, we will make a reservation in advance from the telephone and website. Please feel free to contact us first.

There are many repeaters in accommodations that are popular with tourists in Choshi

The facility located near Choshi Station in Shonan area, which is also a popular tourist spot, boasts a high repeat rate with many pleasant reviews from customers. In the facility of the style that divided the house into two large and small units, each unit is equipped with a separate kitchen and bathroom, and we also consider soundproofing, so customers who use it for sightseeing trips with children There is a feature that there are many reviews.
The accommodation style facility where you can relax with your family and friends as if you are at home even near the popular area is close to the Choshi coast and many people enjoy swimming and windsurfing, so it is dirty We also have a washing machine that does not require clothes. We recommend that you check out the reviews from our customers at convenient facilities for visiting the popular sightseeing area or enjoying a relaxing holiday at the facility.


Accommodation in Choshi boasts a high repeat rate

It is a facility with many achievements and great trust.

We operate a reputable accommodation in Choshi. Boasts a high repeat rate and is well received by many people. It is 56km from Haneda Airport and there are several stations within walking distance. There are also popular spots such as Choshi Beach and Yokohama Marine Tower nearby.
It is a popular accommodation with many achievements such as being used by many customers. This facility can be used by a large number of families. In addition, we are striving to create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. This is a trustworthy hotel, so if you want to stay in Kanagawa, please use it.