Introducing reviews to customers who are considering staying in Kamakura or Choshi

Here are some helpful reviews for guests considering staying in Kamakura and Choshi. Each unit has its own kitchen and bathroom, and facilities that are convenient for families and large groups of people are close to the popular beach of Zushi beach for swimming and windsurfing, so the washing machine is very convenient We received reviews that it was. There is a public parking nearby where you can relax as if you were at home, so don't hesitate to use it by car.

There are many repeaters in accommodations that are popular with tourists in Choshi

The facility located near Choshi Station in Shonan area, which is also a popular tourist spot, boasts a high repeat rate with many pleasant reviews from customers. In the facility of the style that divided the house into two large and small units, each unit is equipped with a separate kitchen and bathroom, and we also consider soundproofing, so customers who use it for sightseeing trips with children There is a feature that there are many reviews.
The accommodation style facility where you can relax with your family and friends as if you are at home even near the popular area is close to the Choshi coast and many people enjoy swimming and windsurfing, so it is dirty We also have a washing machine that does not require clothes. We recommend that you check out the reviews from our customers at convenient facilities for visiting the popular sightseeing area or enjoying a relaxing holiday at the facility.

Accommodation in the Choshi area is conveniently furnished with home appliances

Accommodation-style facilities with furnishings and home appliances are particularly popular with families. In a clean and stylish room where you will often hear that your child is very happy, we have prepared kitchen utensils and toiletries so that you can feel at ease.
In addition, the hotel is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, so it has been well received by customers who are planning to work, such as a work that has recently increased. Furthermore, since there are quite a few washing machines that are not available at regular tourist hotels, customers who enjoy bathing in the nearby Choshi Coast and those staying for a long period of time do not have to store dirty clothes. It has been well received that it was very convenient. There is a public car park nearby, so please stay in a facility that you can use without hesitation when traveling with a large number of children, an elderly family or a car.

A perfect place to stay in Choshi for families and large groups

The property is located near Choshi Station, next to Kamakura, so it is popular with customers who visit popular areas. It is conveniently located near the JR Line station and the Isogo Beach, which is crowded with windsurfers and bathers, and there is a public parking nearby, so you can use it safely regardless of transportation.
Some units fit all on the first floor, making it a popular option for travelers with reduced mobility. In addition, since both units can stay up to 10 people in total, there are many repeaters that can be used by a large number of relatives such as relatives. The large unit has a spacious space that doubles as a kitchen, dining room, and living room facing a bright balcony. Please enjoy the Shonan area using facilities that have many reviews that the beds in the clean and stylish rooms were comfortable.

Choshi furnished accommodation is available on foot from Choshi Station

We operate accommodation facilities in Choshi. In addition to being within walking distance from Choshi Station, there are several nearby stations. The nearest airport is Haneda Airport, which is 56km away. There is also a public parking nearby, so you can use it by car without any problems. The inn is operated in a graveyard with excellent access, such as multiple access methods.
We have posted a map of the surrounding area and how to access it. Since it is an inn with furniture and home appliances, it is ideal as a base for publishing. In addition, there are tourist spots such as Choshi Beach, Choshi Marina, Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine, and the Great Buddha near the inn. As a stylish inn with a sense of cleanliness, it has been well received by many people for reviews, so you can use it with peace of mind. If you are thinking about sightseeing in Kanagawa, please contact us.


Accommodation in Choshi boasts a high repeat rate

It is a facility with many achievements and great trust.

We operate a reputable accommodation in Choshi. Boasts a high repeat rate and is well received by many people. It is 56km from Haneda Airport and there are several stations within walking distance. There are also popular spots such as Choshi Beach and Yokohama Marine Tower nearby.
It is a popular accommodation with many achievements such as being used by many customers. This facility can be used by a large number of families. In addition, we are striving to create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. This is a trustworthy hotel, so if you want to stay in Kanagawa, please use it.


Information on how to access accommodation in Choshi


Name of facility

Luna House Choshi Kamakura

Street address

1-3-26 Yamane, Choshi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

phone number
Telephone reception hours


Regular holiday


Nearby parking lot

Coin parking is available 1 minute walk from the facility

Times Isogo Station

Hokuto parking lot


The facilities that are highly appreciated by customers who stay overnight around Choshi are close to Choshi Station and the Choshi Coast, and are easily accessible by train or car. It is a spacious room equipped with furniture and home appliances, so there are many customers who use it repeatedly if it is easy for families to use. Detailed access information is available, so please use it.