You can spend comfortably in a stylish room with furniture and home appliances

Accommodations that are convenient for sightseeing in Choshi are simple and clean spaces ranging from the kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom where you can relax relaxedly. Many customers have said that they want to stay again. We are
We have prepared a photo gallery on the official website so that you can see the rooms of reputable inns. The images in the gallery are as stylish as a model room, so please choose an inn where you want to go on a sightseeing trip by riding the Enoden just by looking at the images in the gallery.

  • Wooden door entrance

    C room entrance

  • 2 single beds

    C room loft bed

    Bedroom for 2 (Loft)
  • Living room with sofa for two

    C room living

    You can watch the projector screen on the whole wall while relaxing on the sofa
  • Spacious kitchen

    A room kitchen space

    Spacious kitchen space. There is a rice cooker and a hot plate, so you can have fun cooking time with your friends.
  • A room living

    Room A

    Spacious living
  • Living as seen from the kitchen

    A room LDK

    You can enjoy cooking and after-meal meals in the spacious LDK
  • Two beds in a lit room

    Room A (6 beds)

    It is a bedroom with easy lighting by Luna (Mon) lights and indirect lighting
  • Room with bunk beds

    Room B

    Sleeps up to 4 people. It comes with refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, so it has been well received by long-term guests.
  • Kitchen space

    Room B

  • Washbasin with large mirror

    Room B

    The wash basin and bathroom are based on white, with bath towels, toothbrushes and other amenities.
  • planetarium


    In the bedroom on the 3rd floor of Room A Enjoy the planetarium
  • The kitchen and the stairs to the third floor as seen from the sofa

    A room LDK

    Relax in the bright and sunny living room with your family and friends.
  • Zushi beach at sunset time

    Zushi beach

    The shallow and quiet sea of Zushi beach is popular with families
  • Living dining room with projector

    A room living

    The spacious living room is equipped with a large projector screen, so you can enjoy relaxing images on the sofa.
  • Bathroom and washroom

    Room A

  • Spacious kitchen

    A room LDK

    A bright and open kitchen Please have fun cooking time with your friends and family
  • Living room with flat-screen TV

    Room B

  • Room with bunk beds

    Room B

    Up to 4 people can stay.
  • Zushi beach

    Zushi beach

    Because it is shallow and quiet, you can enjoy not only swimming but also windsurfing and SUP

If you plan a relaxing holiday around Zushi during your long vacation, but are still wondering where to stay, make sure to book an accommodation within walking distance of Zushi Station. It is a recommended facility if you want to explore the ancient city of Kanagawa, a popular tourist destination not only for Japanese but also for foreign tourists. It is a nice point that you can visit without using a taxi even if you have a little big luggage because it is a facility near the station.
Unlike hotels and inns, kitchens equipped with cooking utensils and IH stoves, as well as single-family facilities with washing machines that can be used at any time because they are indoors, are relaxed as if they were at home It is a reputation that you can spend. It is a popular facility that has received high praise from word of mouth if you can spend comfortably without stress during your stay because there is not only household appliances but also Wi-Fi that can be used free of charge. (There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for 2 people)

If you want to explore the ancient city of Kanagawa, be sure to stay at a hotel near Zushi Station.