A condominium-like inn near the Zushi coast is a room with a loft bed for 2 people (room C), a quadruple room (room B) ideal for family trips, a room for 6 people (room A), and a circle training camp. We have up to 10 people's room (AB room) that can be used for other purposes. The inn, which has been highly evaluated by foreign tourists, is attractive for its well-equipped facilities and clean space with attention to every corner of the room.

* AB room is not currently available as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. In addition, we ask that Room A be used by up to 4 adults and Room B be used by up to 2 adults.
There is a kitchen where you can freely use the IH stove, rice cooker, and hot plate, so it seems that some groups buy ingredients at the market near the facility and enjoy cooking together. Customers staying to enjoy marine sports such as surfing highly evaluated the fact that it has a washing machine that can wash clothes exposed to the sea breeze at any time. (There is no washing machine or kitchen equipment in Room C for 2 people)

Please stay at an inn where you can have a good time, boasting a large room that is more flexible than a hotel and can be relaxed even by a large number of people.