Free use of in-room kitchen and washing machine

Popular accommodations in Zushi include kitchens equipped with IH stoves, rice cookers, microwave ovens, etc., and washing machines that can wash swimwear after playing in the sea and T-shirts bathed in the sea breeze in each room. It is installed. (There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for 2 people)
You can buy ingredients at the supermarket near the inn and cook in the kitchen, so it is ideal for use at a training camp in a circle and for trips and long-term stays for three generations. When traveling to the surrounding area, be sure to choose a hotel that has been highly rated by word of mouth.

About check-in / check-out

Check-in: after 15:00

Check out: 10:00

* You can enter the room number to enter by entering the number on the numeric keypad.

* If you are after 10:00, you can leave your baggage even before check-in. (Excluding valuables)

After having fun in Choshi, please check in at the accommodation

The inn that has been chosen by customers who want to stay in their own style rather than hotels and ryokan is just a few minutes walk from Choshi Station. Visiting temples, shrines and temples in the ancient city and playing around on the coast are the most popular sightseeing spots in Kanagawa. After you have enjoyed it to your heart's content, please come to the inn for your next day's leisure.
Check-in is possible until late at night, but please be sure to inform the reception staff of your estimated time of arrival in advance. The front desk staff can speak English and Spanish as well as Japanese, so foreign tourists who are not good at Japanese can use it with peace of mind. Please make a reservation for a stylish inn that is simple but clean.

Please use the household appliances in the accommodation in Zushi freely

A convenient inn located within walking distance of Zushi Station, it is a condominium-like facility with a kitchen and washing machine in the room. The kitchen is not a simple one with only a sink and an electric kettle, but a full-fledged type with an IH stove, microwave oven and rice cooker. Customers go to shopping at nearby supermarkets, enjoy dinner with friends, and get up early and take a walk on the seaside, then make pancakes using a hot plate, which is one of the facilities. It seems that you are using it.
This inn also offers rooms exclusively for a large number of people who can stay in the same room for up to 10 people. It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy a long-term stay with circle camps and close friends. Please stay at a clean and clean inn with fully equipped kitchen and washing machine. (There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for 2 people)

You can enjoy your stay at the Isogo facility

The inn is an evaluation axis indispensable for the grade of the room and the fullness of the facilities, but it is an item that must be removed from the high convenience of accessibility. In the highly rated reviews from customers who actually stayed, although there are many voices that evaluate the cleanliness of the facilities and the cleanliness of the room, we received the voice that `` It was convenient because it was close to the station '' Doing.
The facilities near the station that arrive immediately after exiting the ticket gate are very thankful for the tired body after going around the temples and shrines around Enoden and enjoying gourmet food on Komachi Street. The inn near the station is handy to enjoy the next day's leisure comfortably, and customers can relax in a stylish room after check-in. Make sure to visit the inn where you will find the convenient facilities for convenient access.

List of amenities

List of amenities

・ Exclusive bathroom

・ Parking lot (No exclusive use / Please use nearby coin parking)

・ House size: (A room, B room) 28 m2 / (C room) 14 m2

Private bathroom facilities: • Hair dryer • Free toiletries • Slippers • Bath or shower • Bidet • Towels

House amenities: • Air conditioning • Kitchenette • Refrigerator • Desk • Microwave • Washing machine • Heating • Kitchen • Flat-screen TV • Sofa • Soundproof • Electric kettle • Kitchenware • Wardrobe / Closet • Stove • Cleaning supplies • Linen • Dining Table • Entire unit located on ground floor • Independent • Semi-independent • Clothes rack • Drying rack

(There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for 2 people)

・ Free WiFi

Non-smoking / Smoking: No smoking

Car parking: Public parking in the surrounding area without prior reservation: 1600 JPY / day