We have received many voices saying "I want to use it again"

In Zushi, many repeaters have received high praise from customers such as kitchens equipped with various cooking appliances, washing machines that are indispensable for long-term stays, bedrooms with refreshing bed sheets and comfortable cleanliness. Although there are many points, the one that is gaining secret popularity is the planetarium installed in the bedroom.
Guests with a planetarium projector installed on the bed's sideboard can enjoy the stars in the room while staying in the room, which is very popular with guests.

(Facilities vary depending on the inn where you are staying. There is no washing machine and kitchen facilities in the C room for 2 people)

If you are looking for accommodation, please use facilities near Zushi Station.

  • Fashionable furniture with a sense of unity!


    From the customer who used the c room

    "Thank you! It was very beautiful, the furniture was unified, and the futon was fluffy! It was close to the station, so I knew immediately. Because it was near the station, I could hear the vibration of the train and the voice near my house. There was also a slight scent of detergent, so I don't recommend it because I think people who are sensitive may be worried about it, but it wasn't long and I enjoyed it very much because of the excitement of the room! "

    ★★★★★ I got it!

  • Room B for 2 people


    The location was very good, and the host was a person who could easily take communication.

    It was very polite from the time of check-in reception and I was very grateful. In addition, it was comfortable because it was easy to communicate during my stay and when I checked out. Thank you very much.

  • Room A for 4 people


    A short walk from the station. It was a very clean house! What was better than I expected was that the bed room was divided into two and it was wider than I expected! Everyone could play YouTube on the screen or go to the sea. It was a nice change to take a walk and go to a nearby cafe in the morning!

  • C room for 2 people


    It was a very clean and cozy space with a sense of cleanliness! I was able to have a fulfilling stay.

  • A hideaway in a residential area


    Clean and fashionable room. Close to the station.

    Walking distance to shopping streets and the sea.

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If you are looking for accommodation that is convenient for sightseeing and leisure, such as visiting temples and shrines and temples in Kanagawa and marine sports on the Zushi coast, please choose a facility with excellent access a few minutes on foot from Zushi station. It is a particularly recommended facility for traveling with families, as well as for camps in circles and leisure activities with friends who are close friends.
We have rooms for 2 people, 4 people, 6 people and 10 people. We have a kitchen, washing machine, cooking utensils and cooking appliances (C room for 2 people does not have washing machine and kitchen equipment). All facilities are free to use, and are highly rated by long-term guests. The stylish and relaxing bedrooms are equipped with facilities that allow you to enjoy the full stars of the planetarium, and are also delighted by guests with children (6 and 10 room only). Please take advantage of the inns that are highly rated by Japanese tourists as well as foreign tourists.